Flying objects + take-off and landing places

As a first approach, we study different flying objects and their landing sites. The research will open the debate about potential new functions and/or mutations in architecture. The result will generate new scenarios for the public spaces and connections to the existing urban context. The future architecture will borrow from aero-spatial technology the concern for efficiency, resources economy, and sustainability. The projects will go beyond the technical/technological or economic constraints, developing into artistic, cultural and social visions.


Flying car – analysis | Cosmina Stănculescu
Flying car – Terrafugia Transition | Cosmina Stănculescu
Flying car – Aeromobil 4.0 | Dragoș Țigău
Lilium Jet | Andra Mândru
Glider – history | Anrdeea Boia
Glider | Andreea Boia
Glider landing place – model | Andreea Boia
Autogir | Ana Dincă
Autogir | Ana Dincă
Autogir | Ana Dincă

New Shepard – capsule, booster and landing place | Cristian Bădescu

Hot air, / helium / solar baloons + their landing spots | Ștefania Ciubuc



Light private aircraft | Casandra Armeanu


Light private aircraft landing length | Casandra Armeanu
Jetpack history | Elena Zenaida Florea

Different jetpack models | Elena Zenaida Florea
Jetpack landing spot | Elena Zenaida Florea

Hoverboard | Iulia Tudosie