by Casandra Armeanu, Cristian Andrei Bădescu, Alexandra Maria Oprea, Andra Maria Mîndru

In its current state the “Baneasa Airport” site acts as a limit within the city, as a waste land that’s slowly being engulfed by the sprawling urban development. In this sense, one of our main goals regarding the masterplan was to tie the surrounding urban fabric together and perforate the apparent boundaries of the site. The eastern side of the airport “melts” inside the existing street layout, offering the much needed connections, while at the same time establishing the lakes as a natural boundary between the site and the city. The main public space of the proposal is the green pedestrian ribbon that follows the direction of the former landing strip and connects the Sky Mountain with the Transportation Hub, acting as the link for all four programs. The Conference Centre and the Hotel complete the system, ensuring the functionality of a traditional airport, but reinterpreted so as to fulfill the requirements of the new flight typologies.