by Ana Dincă, Zenaida-Elena Florea, Diana Petre, Robert Toma

“Mechanism” masterplan has the ability to work within the lengthiness of the site ( “Băneasa” Airport) with a sequence of indissociable programs which link the loose fabric of the North of Bucharest and assure the development of the living area and a fly show area in a place with a memory of flight.

Entertainment programs like Spaceport, Jetpack Area are certain points of attraction as well as the Girodrom which not only includes the show,  but gives a new shuttle path for the entire neighbourhood and, of course, the Intermodal Node which has the role of an engine for the entire mechanism, an important future point for the city, and for the area.

Robert Toma


Zenaida-Elena Florea
Ana Dincă
Diana Petre